Moscow, Petrovka street 23/10 b.5

(Entrance from Petrovskii lane)

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VARVARA — Russian motives, author's cuisine


"VARVARA cafe" - a restaurant located in the center of Moscow, surrounded by old mansions, cathedrals and monasteries, called in honor of beautiful Russian name "Varvara".


"VARVARA cafe" is our reflection of love to Russia, its culture and people. We see our mission in creating a restaurant that will show the potential of Russian chefs, designers and waiters. This place surrounds guests with love and unique Russian warmth of the hospitality.


Creating a comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant and leave pleasant memories – is a difficult task. There are many factors as well delicate touch and taste. Judging by the first results ("VARVARA cafe" has been working only since June of 2017), we have reached nice results: the restaurant was ranked among the 50 best restaurants in Moscow according to respected French guide Gault Millau, where authentic approach in cooking is estimated primarily.


Our team:


The author and organizer of the project – Natalia Maksimova, restaurateur and the official representative of ICIF – Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners with a background of training in culinary school and training in restaurants in Italy. More than five years she has been helping the talented chefs from the CIS countries to improve their skills. Natalia collaborates with the most talented graduates in her projects.


Brand chef – Alexander Ermakov - menu maker and curator of the kitchen "VARVARA". Alexander has experience of seventeen years in the culinary business, he has trained in the ICIF, and he had the regular foreign training. Alexander worked in the small local restaurants of Italy and France, and in restaurants with Michelin stars (for example, Arnolfo Ristorante, SN Vittoria). Speaking about the Alexander’s internship, it should be noted that we are talking about long-term (within two to four months) serious participation in projects. Alexander offers his view about the traditions and canons of Russian gastronomy. The menu has simple dishes, but there are no copies of the famous culinary samples of Russian cuisine. So the main points are: creative approach in working process with products, based on knowledge of the world experience in gastronomy, a non-trivial combination, which  surprise our guests pleasantly. Menu "VARVARA" is built on domestic products and is updated each season.


The space design and visual identity were made by Anastasia Kasparian, she is the founder of architectural Bureau Golden Heads. The main challenge was to display in the interior the true "Russian style" with its bright, unique features and beauty and not to overload the space. The furniture is neutral, but the walls have become a canvas of the artist. Here you can find traditional embroidery patterns, and feathers of the Firebird, and "kokoshniki" from cutlery, and a large image of beautiful woman Varvara, whose collective image gave the name to the project. The logo is also designed in the same style and it is a Slavic symbol of the homeguardian.


The restaurant has only one room. Almost in the center of the room stands an bar, which create a lively atmosphere; in the back is an open kitchen. Here, near the kitchen, Alexander Ermakov holds its Chef's table - "a table on the kitchen" —a special format for foodies which gives an opportunity to see secrets of cooking and to feel the delicacy of the work with products. "VARVARA cafe" becomes a place of attraction for painters, designers, artists, fashion designers, actors and other Bohemians of the capital and its guests. And no wonder: the staff of "VARVARA cafe" makes everything what is possible and do their best ! We are waiting for You in our restaurant!

One of the favorite dishes of our guests is duck breast with mirepoix puree, pear and sea buckthorn sauce. We asked the brand chef of café Varvara Ermakova Aleksandra about how he prepares this dish: “I take the duck breast and salted it, and then simmered at a low temperature (57 degrees) in su-vid. Then I prepare mashed vegetables, slices of pear and Savoy cabbage. A special feature of this dish is a sauce based on demi-glace and the addition of sea buckthorn, this berry gives a little astringency and sour and softens the rich taste of meat.

Brand chef



The author and organizer of the project






+7 (495) 694 56 26

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Moscow, Petrovka street 23/10 b.5

(Entrance from Petrovskii lane)

23 ноября 2017 г., в Москве был представлен первый российский выпуск путеводителя по ресторанам и отелям Gault & Millau, основного конкурента гида Michelin